"Deja Vu" Behind the Scenes


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Coachella, 2010

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Do you love the colors of Marvel?

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The city that never sleeps | by Alex Teuscher

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"I worked at the same cafe for 28 years, but it just went out of business, so I had to find new work. Before it was like I had a family. I saw the same people every day. But now I just have a job. One day you lose something, and you say: ‘Oh my God. I was happy. And I didn’t even know it.’"

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"I didn’t get married until I was 50. I think it finally happened because I stopped thinking it was possible."
"How do you mean?"
"Before I gave up, I was putting so much pressure on myself that I’d immediately be considering and measuring every man I’d meet. It’s not natural to begin a relationship with such a long term view. When I met my husband, I wasn’t looking past that afternoon."

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